NYC Skeptics Survey
NYC Skeptics is conducting a survey to collect information regarding how we can improve our upcoming programming and how we may increase involvement and attract new members to our group.
Are you a current standing member of the NYC Skeptics?
How many NYC Skeptics events do you attend annually?
Where do you usually hear about the NYC Skeptics events?
Please tell us which other Skeptic/Secular/Freethough/Science groups you are a member of, if any.
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What were some of your favorite topics addressed by NYC Skeptics in the past?
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Which NYC Skeptics events have you attended in the past 6 months?
If you have not attended any NYC Skeptics events in the past six months, please give a short description of why. Please be as honest as possible.
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What topics do you think NYC Skeptics should focus on?
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Would you like NYC Skeptics do more:
Would you attend NYC Skeptics events if they were held at the following locations?
What days of the week would you be most likely to attend NYCS events?
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