CU Postdoc Fellows Survey

Fellow Postdocs: We're surveying Columbia postdoctoral fellows with respect to their experiences related to onboarding, pay, health insurance, taxes, etc, to use in the bargaining process of our new contract (scheduled for December). The survey should only take ~5-10min. Collectively, we can help the bargaining committee develop contract language proposals that continue to bring protection and equity to postdoc fellows across the university.

Note: Any information we gather – via this survey or otherwise – will be kept confidential unless you want your name to be shared. These survey data are for us to have a better idea of the condition of our workers and we would only share data in aggregate with Columbia during the bargaining process.

-Postdoc/T32 Working Group

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Name and CU Department (optional):
1. Which fellowship are you on?
2. What is the funding agency for your fellowship?
3. What is your employee status (e.g., employee, independent contractor, etc)?
3a. How do you feel about your employee status?
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3b. Would you rather your employee status be different?
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4. What are the ways that your department helps you navigate administrative issues? (if you haven’t been paid, need tax advice, etc.)
5. Are you always paid on time?
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5a. If No, please elaborate on any pay issues:
6. Are you satisfied with your benefits / health insurance through Columbia? Why or why not?
7. Are there other issues related to HR that you’ve faced? If so, please explain (in as much detail as you’re able):
8. How would you want to change the way you’re being treated by the institution?
9. What are some other things going on for you in your employment at Columbia that you’d want to be changed?
10. Are you expected to take on duties above/beyond that prescribed by your fellowship?
11. Do you have hesitancy or fear to provide feedback and/or raise any issues or concerns you have with your fellowship? To whom?
12. What barriers do you face, if any, to raising concerns or issues with your fellowship?
13. Considering your employment/working conditions, would you recommend to prospective fellows to come to Columbia or go elsewhere?
14. Considering your fellowship experience, would you want to stay at Columbia for a potential faculty career?
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15. Feel free to share anything else with us that you feel will help in the bargaining process:
If you have any questions, please contact Emma Millon at
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