Student Protection Quiz 2020
This quiz is designed to confirm your understanding of the information presented. It will take approximately 10 minutes and must be completed once commenced.
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Which of the following pieces of legislation guide the work we do regarding student protection? *
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When did Mason's Law come into effect? *
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What is the name of TCEO's Student Protection Strategy? *
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Is it appropriate for a staff member to contact a student via their Facebook to check up on a late assignment? *
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Do volunteers need an awareness of student protection processes within a school? *
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What is the name of the TCEO Student Protection Coordinator? *
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If a child presents with non-organic failure to thrive, delays in achieving developmental milestones, untreated physical problems, poor personal hygiene leading to social isolation. What form of abuse is likely? *
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Where can staff access reporting forms? *
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If a child says they want to tell you about what is happening at home but they ask you to keep it a secret, can you promise not to tell anyone? *
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How do schools promote Safe Persons? Please note no points are allocated to this response, however a response is necessary to complete the quiz
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