Story Collection: Impact of Fee Waiver Denials on Humanitarian Cases
Fee waivers have been and are absolutely essential for immigrant survivors to access life-saving protections. Over the past two decades, USCIS has maintained a certain flexibility in the documents necessary for fee waiver adjudications for VAWA self-petitions, U and T visa cases in express recognition of the immense economic hardship that survivors of violence often face. Starting in the summer of 2018, advocates have noticed sweeping and arbitrary denials of fee waivers from the USCIS Vermont Service Center. Often denying fee waiver applications that are in accordance with existing regulatory and policy guidance.

ASISTA is collecting stories where fee waivers for VAWA self-petitions, U visas and T visas have been denied in order to strengthen national advocacy efforts to raise awareness about the barriers these new fee waiver procedures have on survivors of crime. No identifying information will be needed, but we may reach out to you for more information on these cases.

If you are an advocate or attorney, by filling out this form you affirm that you have your client's consent to share a general summary of the case for ASISTA''s advocacy purposes (including legislative advocacy). If your fee waiver denial is related to a trafficking case, we will share these results with our partners at Freedom Network USA.

Please feel free to re-submit this form if you have more than one story to share.

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