YSC options for the summer: sign-up
Thank you for your feedback in last week's survey. As a staff team, we have narrowed the options to the following listed below. Please use this form to sign up. (This is more than just expressing interest, so take a little time to project what you would like to commit to.)

For most options below, we listed two possible times. Your responses will help us finalize a time for each group. But we know that with many of you scattered in different time zones and with different summer commitments, you may find that you can't make either of the listed times. Don't rule it out yet, though. Let us know that you are very interested in a particular group and we'll see what we can do to shift things around (or maybe split into two groups).

All the groups below will run the length of June and July. For the book discussions, we will try to send you a copy by the end of May.

Summer TNTs will take place on June 4, June 25, July 16, July 30.

To reiterate what we mentioned on last week's survey, we know that many of you may be investing primarily in home and home communities, and that's great! There is no expectation that you would participate in these YSC activities over the summer. But we did want to offer ways to stay connected to God and the YSC community in the coming months.

Feel free to email sang.yun@yale.edu with any questions.
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Bible Study Groups
Here are the two books of the Bible that we'll focus on this summer.

Isaiah (with Sang) : A fast-paced sweep of the whole book mixed with long pauses to linger on key passages that reveal God’s heart toward His people and the whole world. Themes of justice, judgment, goodness, calling and redemption apply not only to Isaiah’s time but to ours as well.

1 Corinthians (with Grace and Sang) : An illuminating letter to a young church getting its footing in a largely adverse environment. Themes include God’s wisdom, the Spirit, unity and holiness among believers, and living with hope and in love.
Isaiah Bible Study : If you'd like to sign up, what could work for you?
1 Corinthians Bible Study : If you'd like to sign up, what could work for you?
Book Discussion Groups
Here are the four books we will organize discussion groups around:

The Cry of the Soul by Dan Allender and Tremper Longman (with Carolyn)
All emotion—whether positive or negative—can give us a glimpse of the true nature of God. We want to control our negative emotions and dark desires. God wants us to recognize them as the cry of our soul to be made right with Him. Beginning with the Psalms, Cry of the Soul explores what Scripture says about our darker emotions and points us to ways of honoring God as we faithfully embrace the full range of our emotional life.

Hermanas by Kristy Garza Robinson, Natalia Kohn and Noemi Vega Quiñones (with Grace)
Three Christian Latina authors walk through a study of leadership lessons we can learn from 12 women in the Bible, including Deborah, Rahab, Esther, Hannah, and the woman Jesus healed from chronic bleeding. Throughout the book, the authors also share vulnerably from their own journeys, wrestling faithfully with some painful and complex issues. The authors write directly to an audience of Christian Latinas, but intentionally invite those of us who are not Latina to sit, listen, and learn.

Our Deepest Desire by Greg Ganssle (with Lara)
A philosophically informed but still very accessible exploration of what we as humans naturally long for (relationship, goodness, beauty, freedom), and how those longings are ultimately fulfilled by God in Jesus Christ. Note: this book is accessible and thought-provoking for those with little or no background in Christianity; so feel free to invite a friend to read with us this summer.

With: Reimagining the Way You Relate to God by Skye Jethani (with Julie)
Per this book’s tagline, Jethani wants to help his readers understand what living life in communion with God looks like. He does this by first describing four common ways humans have related to God that are not life with God: life under, over, from, and for God. All four of these postures are lacking in some way and ultimately not what God wants. Rather, life with God is what enables us to live full lives of faith, hope and love.
The Cry of the Soul : If you'd like to sign up, what could work for you?
Hermanas : If you'd like to sign up, what could work for you?
Our Deepest Desire : If you'd like to sign up, what could work for you?
With : If you'd like to sign up, what could work for you?
Integration of our Academic Life and our Christian Life, led by Matt Denney
At Yale, it’s easy to see our academic life and our Christian life as separate, unrelated, or mutually exclusive. But this need not be the case. What if our academic life were intertwined with the gospel in all its richness? What if the resources of Christianity provided a deeper well to understand the world and our discipline? What if God designed our major and studies as means to worship him--rather than isolate enterprises or objects of worship themselves? Join this group as we read, discuss, and encourage one another in integrating the gospel into our academics and the entirety of our lives.

Over the course of the summer, we will read selections from a variety of sources: Scripture, theologians, philosophers, social scientists, and natural scientists (about 20 pages per week). We will talk about what assumptions underlie life and academics at Yale, and we will reimagine our academics and vocation within the redemptive Story of the gospel. At the end, we will write down specific applications to each of our own vocations and studies. Total time will be 3-5 hours per week.
If you'd like to sign up for this mini-course, can you make Tuesdays, 2 - 4pm (EDT)?
Finally, let us know if you'd like to take part in a 3-4 student, self-facilitated group to share life together and pray. (~1hr/wk at a time set by those in the group)
Any further clarification, concerns or requests?
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