Vision Trip Details
The Goal
--> The goal for this trip is for you to be able to see Syracuse the city and the University. To hear the vision of our church plant and how you fit into it while on location.

PRICE = $150 (which includes the following)
--Hotel + breakfast at hotel
--Salt Company Syracuse shirt

***Link to Pay at the end of this form***

ADDED EXPENSES (not included in the price above)
--Meals (besides breakfast at Hotel)
--Gas for your group car
--Tolls ($50ish round trip)
--Syracuse Gear?
--Extra Fun

For both of the trips we will leave Cornerstone Church at 4:30am Thursday morning (Unless you are coming from somewhere other than Ames). We will all leave at same time and make the journey. It should take around 15 hours of driving and cost around $25 for tolls (one way). Cars can stop as they need for bathroom breaks and rest.

Day 1: All day driving
Day 2-3: Exploring Syracuse
Day 4: All day driving

September Trip - Signup ends September 1
October Trip - Signup ends October 15
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