Purple Friday Student Initial Survey
Please take the time to respond fully and honestly to the following questions. Your voice matters and will help us make Nelsen the best school it can possibly be.
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Nelsen feels like a safe place. *
A community meeting or circle at Nelsen is when everyone in the community comes together in a circular form to share ideas, thoughts, information (usually there's also a talking piece). Have you participated in a community meeting this year with any of your classes? *
If you have participated in a community meeting/circle, what option best describes your reaction? *
What are your thoughts about community meetings?
I feel cared for by staff members at this school. *
I feel cared for by students at this school. *
I care about my teachers and staff. *
I care about myself. *
I believe I can make Nelsen a better place. *
I know how to calm myself down and regulate my emotions. *
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There is at least one adult in the building that I can identify as someone that I trust and can go to for support. *
If you said yes, who is that adult? (you can name more than one)
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