Feedback Survey - PNW OER Directory
This survey is to both promote and gain feedback on a PNW OER Directory, a project that grew out of the OER pre-conference at the 2016 ACRL-OR/WA Joint Fall Conference. Librarians involved in OER across Oregon and Washington identified a need to help connect with fellow OER advocates in the Pacific Northwest and benefit from a curated list of major, need-to-know OER-related resources and tools.

To help answer the following few questions, please open and browse the PNW Directory at
1. The "Home" page of the directory provides history and rationale behind the project. Do you feel this directory project fills a need in the Pacific Northwest region?
2. The "People" page of the directory is a place to find fellow OER advocates in the region, and to add your own contact info as well.Do you find the directory useful? (e.g. Would you contact someone, or do you plan to contact someone, in this directory?)
3. The "Resources" page of the directory is a curated (e.g. not comprehensive) list to provide recommendations for the best-of-the-best of OER resources, and the "Communication" page highlights essential OER-related listservs. Do you find this directory of resources and listservs useful? Do you feel these are the "right" resources to recommend, particularly for library staff new to OER?
4. Do you have other essential OER resources to recommend for the directory? (Keeping in mind that this is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all things OER on the web)
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5. How would you use this directory site? For example, do you see or anticipate opportunities to save time (or stress) by using this directory site?
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6. How user-friendly do you find this directory site?
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7. What is your personal experience or comfort level with OER? Please check any that apply.
Type of institution? Please check all that apply.
9. Location?
If you would like the PNW OER Directory group to send a follow-up reply, or if you would like to volunteer to work on the project, please provide personal contact info here:
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Any other comments:
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