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AS OF 2021-02-22 ROXY IS SOLD OUT. There is no estimated date for a restock. I am hoping for mid year 2022, but will depend on the global semiconductor shortage.
You can still submit a form to reserve a slot, but you will receive no further confirmation until I have more units available.

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This is designed to be a drop-in replacement for most Yuancon controllers up to this point. It has been tested in SDVX (RGB and non-RGB) and IIDX (RGB). As such, there are no cables included since you will be able to use the existing ones. All connectors are standard JST-XH if you would like to purchase or make your own.

You can also use it as the basis for your own DIY controller!

You will need to rewire your controller to do so. I do not have any guides on how to do this, nor am I aware of the different types of TT / knobs that these controllers have. If you are not comfortable with this, please do not order a Roxy.

This project is fully open source.
Firmware here:
Configuration Tool here:
Schematics and layout here:

This order form is for Version 1.1 (image below).

This version includes:
12 Button inputs + 12 corresponding lights (HID and reactive)
2 Axes inputs, which can be set to Quadrature Encoder or Analog Potentiometer (aka "AC knob")
4 On-board Common-Anode RGB outputs (2 broken out to JST-XH for Yuancon RGB, the other 2 as solder points) with the option to daisy-chain more TLC59711 units
Solder points to add PS2 functionality (or other SPI functionality)
1 General Purpose LED output
1 UART port (RX/TX/GND)

WS2812B support is included, but currently requires disabling the on-board LED driver. I'm working on alternatives for that but as a heads up, it's going to require some soldering.

Most importantly, the price:
$50 USD, shipping included for US buyers. Shipped via USPS First Class (tracking included).
$60 USD, shipping included for outside the US. Shipped via USPS First Class International (no tracking).

Payments will be done via Paypal Invoice (sorry for crappy Paypal conversion rates).
There is no discount for multiple orders. Any import / duty taxes are the responsibility of the buyer.

General Disclaimers:
After this batch, the price may change depending on how things shake out.
I am not responsible for mistakes caused by incorrect wiring.
All LEDs MUST have current limiting resistors on the LEDs themselves. Most common arcade lights (stock Yuan / Dao / NewLights / Comet) are safe to use.
The inputs on this board are NOT 5V tolerant. Only use 3.3V when interfacing to it.

Please contact me ( or Zoids#8548) with any questions. Thanks!
Or join my discord for questions / support:
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Roxy v1.1
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