99.3 County FM Emergency Preparedness Survey Phase Two
When emergencies and disasters strike, radio has a strong and specific role to play in keeping the community up to date.

As an essential service to Prince Edward County, 99.3 County FM is constantly working to improve our ability to serve the residents and visitors of PEC.

We launched our first survey last winter and found that 64% of participants didn't have an emergency readiness plan and nearly half of participants did not own a battery powered radio.

Past survey participants say that just completing this simple survey inspired them to take positive actions to better protect themselves and their families.

IF you have done this survey before please feel free to do it again to see how you may have improved.

IF you are new to the survey, terrific, we hope it helps you plan and better consider what you would need to do and have on hand in the event of an emergency.

Despite Covid 19 we have done out utmost over the past year to develop an Emergency Handbook, train volunteers, coordinate our efforts with emergency services in PEC, and acquire the tools we need to broadcast direct from our transmitter. We have received a contribution from the Community Radio Fund of Canada (CFRC) that has allow us to improve our ability to prepare and respond to public safety issues.
Did you take part in our first Emergency Prep survey? *
Do you live in PEC?
If so which ward?
Do you have an emergency readiness plan for yourself and/or family?
Do you have an emergency kit in your home?
Do you have an emergency kit in your vehicle (if applicable)?
Do you have a battery powered radio?
Do you have knowledge of Marine Safety VHF channel 16?
Do you have known safe exits from home and neighbourhood?
Do you have meeting places to reunite with family or roommates?
Do you have designated person to pick up children should you be unavailable (if applicable)
Do you have a list of contact persons handy both close-by and out-of-town?
Do you have your copies of Health and insurance information and are they easily accessible?
Do you have places for your pet to stay in the event of an emergency?
Are you aware of potential risks in your region (ie Flooding)?
Are you aware of the location of your fire extinguisher, water valve, electrical panel, gas valve and floor drain?
Do you have extra batteries or a charger for your mobile device in your emergency kit?
Do you have a solar-or vehicle phone charger, or if you do not have a cell phone, keep a prepaid phone card?
Are you aware that it’s best to use non-voice channels like text messaging, email or social media, as these use less bandwidth than voice communications and may work even when phone service has been disrupted?
Are you aware that if you must use a phone, it’s best to keep your conversation brief and convey only vital information? Keeping calls short also saves the battery life of your mobile phone.
Are you aware that if you are unable to complete a call, wait ten seconds before redialing to help reduce network congestion?
Are you aware if you have been evacuated and have call-forwarding on your home phone, you can use it to forward calls to your cell phone?
Do you keep your contacts up to date on your phone, email and other channels?
Have you saved your safe meeting location(s) on your phone's mapping application?
Are you aware that to reduce network congestion immediately after an emergency it’s important to avoid using your mobile device to stream videos, download entertainment, or play video games?
Are you aware of where your local emergency shelters are?
Are you aware that 99.3 County FM is part of Emergency Broadcast Network and relays Amber Alerts and man made or natural disaster alerts?
Are you aware that 99.3 County FM is capable of running 24/7 without power?
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