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In order to volunteer for any programs we need to make sure you have a DHS background check, if you have a copy of your background check within the last 6 months that speeds up the process for us.

In addition to this form we also need to meet with you via google meets to make sure we are a good fit for you and you are a good fit for our programs. Typically we require folks looking to volunteer in direct service positions at street feed before volunteering in other programs that work directly with people.

The commitment for street feed currently is 2-4 times a month, for about 3-5 hours, and on Mondays from 4pm-8pm, it is not glorious, most of the time young people do not want to engage, it takes time to build rapport and there is cleaning involved.

In addition there is a mandatory volunteer meeting once every three months. For street feed advocate availability to attend most or all street feeds is important and what we need from volunteers aka advocates.

Please fill out this form and we will email you when there are open positions. Most of the time we have a waitlist and we have a limited amount of volunteer spots. Due to the large number of applicants not everyone who applies will be guaranteed a spot to volunteer at CORE.

If you need an accommodation to filling out this form, please email us at
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