RLMO Serving Standards - Volunteer Agreement
The following standards apply to any person who is regularly involved as a volunteer in the RLMO ministry. We love, appreciate, and care about the well-being of the people who give of their time, efforts, and resources to further the vision of RLMO and ultimately to God’s vision for the body, but failure to comply with these standards may result in the volunteer’s removal from their position. We care deeply for our community and the reputation of God’s church and organizations like ours that serve in His name, so we must set a high standard and hold strong to it.

Read our full statement of faith here: https://bit.ly/3bCoU1N

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BOUNDARIES IN RELATIONSHIPS AND COMMUNICATIONS. It is important for volunteers serving RLMO to adhere to healthy relationships with our students. Interactions between volunteers and students are to be limited to RLMO group activities (events, churches, fundraisers, and graduations).  A student may only engage in communications with individuals on their approved communications list on file with RLMO staff (family members, pastor, attorney, officers of the court). As such, we prohibit phone calls or letters to students from volunteers beyond students’ assigned male mentors. We strictly discourage romantic relationships for our students, especially between volunteers and students. It is imperative that our students remain focused on their walk with Christ and their recovery during the program so that they can be spiritually and emotionally healthy for relationships after graduation. *
CONFIDENTIALITY. Many of our students come from situations in which they must sever some past relationships in order to pursue healing. In order to protect to safety and privacy of our students, we ask that volunteers refrain from sharing identifying information and photos of students to audiences outside of our team, unless express consent is first received. *
GIFTS. Volunteers may not give gifts to RLMO students or receive gifts from students unless approved by staff. This policy applies to gifts of any kind including but not limited to money, gift cards, tobacco, phones, prepaid phone cards, alcohol, and drugs. Donations for the ministry should be given directly to RLMO staff members, not to students. *
SOBRIETY. Volunteers are expected to come to events free from intoxication of any type (alcohol/drug). RLMO is a tobacco-free ministry so we prohibit the use of any type of tobacco during any RLMO event and/or on RLMO property, including vehicles. We intend to keep this standard so our students are not endangered or tempted in this important time of growth. We ask that teachers are held to a higher standard of living. If you are a teacher living in secret sin, we ask that you abstain from teaching until a degree of healing has taken place. We as a ministry must rely on volunteers and teachers’ integrity to lead our men with honesty and out of a place of humility. *
SOCIAL MEDIA. Volunteers must, as all Christians are called to do, live above reproach for the sake of the conscious of unbelievers (1 Tim. 6:14, 1 Cor. 8). This includes both our public actions and our private lives. For this reason, all volunteers must be mindful of their social media presence both on public pages and on private profiles. Judgment and discernment should be used and may extend to certain situations not outlined below. At a minimum, volunteers may not post confidential organization information (including identifying information about students), sexually explicit content, personal attacks on other persons, or any content that would cause a distraction or negative light on RLMO ministries. *
DRESS CODE. We encourage volunteers to dress how they feel most comfortable. At the same time, we require volunteers to be modest and not a stumbling block for others. To this end, we ask that volunteers use their own judgment regarding clothing and if in doubt, don’t do it. Some examples of “bad idea” clothing include: shirts that are low cut or show stomach, pants/shorts/skirts that are skin-tight, low-riding, or shorter than fingertip length, and clothing with questionable language or art. If a volunteer’s clothing is in violation of this policy, they may be asked to change clothes before serving or to not serve that day if changing is not an option. *
WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? LIABILITY: We are responsible for a lot of people’s well being and spiritual growth. If a student is hurt, someone acts inappropriately, or bad theology is taught, we are responsible because it is under the RLMO banner. Our volunteers represent the body of Christ and our reputation is very important to us because we represent God. ACCOUNTABILITY: We are not doing our volunteers any favors if we are not holding them accountable to living Christ-like lives. We cannot hold people accountable when they are not under the authority of biblical standards. THEOLOGY: There is a lot of confusing and incorrect theology out there, and we have to be careful when we allow people to speak into the people we serve. We must be careful to not allow Universalism or any other non-biblical teachings to creep in. RLMO HEALTH: This program is structured to be a safe place for our students to grow spiritually, emotionally, financially, mentally, physically, and relationally. We need to hold our volunteers and teachers to a standard that creates an atmosphere of Christlike example. *
I have read and understand the above standards expected of all those who serve and interact with RLMO program students. I agree to help to maintain the integrity of the program by upholding these standards through my own behavior and actions, and understand the RLMO organization must remove any volunteer who does not adhere to these standards.  PLEASE TYPE YOUR FULL NAME in the field below to indicate agreement: *
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PHOTOGRAPHY. RLMO captures photographs and videos of events that may include volunteers. We ask that you agree to allow RLMO to use these photos/videos of you and/or your child/dependant, and/or any copies of this photograph or video in any editorial and/or promotional material produced and/or published by Renewed Life Ministries Outreach. Signing this release does not guarantee publication of the images.
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