Programme Evaluation Form - End of semester/term
This is your opportunity to feedback on your experience of your programme to date to help the University to improve the overall quality of its provision.

This form will be open between the 3rd and 14th of December for term time students and will open on the 7th of January for modules running by semesters.

Programme (Please do not change unless this is blank)
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Year of study
Programme Organisation & Management
To date the programme has been well organised
Any changes made to the programme or to teaching have been communicated to me in advance
Teaching on the Programme
Module tutors have made the programme interesting, intellectually challenging and stimulating
The programme has provided opportunities to explore ideas or concepts in depth and I have been able to apply what I have learnt
Assessment and Feedback
The marking criteria for the programme were made clear to me
I have received helpful and timely feedback on my work
Programme Learning Opportunities
The programme has met my expectations to date
There is sufficient information on Learning Space, and it is well organised and easy to navigate
Programme Academic Support
I have been able to seek advice and guidance from programme staff when I needed to
The other (i.e. outside the programme team) support available has helped me in my studies
Programme Learning Resources
Programme resources are sufficient and easy to access
There are sufficient library resources to support my learning
Programme staff make it clear how previous student feedback has been acted on
Overall the quality of the programme to date has been
And finally...
Please list up to three positive things about your programme
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Please list up to three things which you think could make this programme better.
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Thank you for completing this form. Your feedback is highly valued by the University.
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