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Read the URL - and the navigation bar area *
Did you read the URL or web address? What do you know about the site based on this? Did you peruse the navigation area? What did you learn from this information?
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Examine the Content - and the comments and images *
After looking through at least three pages...does the content seems valid and real? Do you have any questions you need answered? Did you look at the comments and pictures - what can you infer from those?
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Ask About the Author - and their social media presence
Go to what did you learn about the author? Did you look up the author on LInkedin or other social media sites? What did you learn?
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Look at the Links - and the sites popularity
Who links to this site? What do these sites tell you about the content on the site you are verifying? What about the popularity of the post? What can you share and infer about the information based on this?
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Can you use this site as part of your research ?
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