2016 Healing 101 Lecture Series Survey
It is our desire to present a helpful, healing approach to life's challenges, and to assist us in tailoring our sharing to what will be most useful to you, could you respond to these questions? If you have any questions or wish to send a follow-up email, please contact healing101@sharethepractice.org.
Which lecture(s) from this series did you watch? Please check all that apply.
Prior to hearing any of these lectures, did you have any knowledge of Christian Science? 
How did you find out about this lecture series?
Are you a student or an educator?
Were the ideas in the lectures you watched helpful, and if so, what specifically stood out to you or was particularly memorable?
Your answer
Do you have any suggestions for future lecture series or any other feedback you would like to share?
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Would you like to see more lecture series like this again in the future?
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