Anonymous Harassment Report

Please fill out any information you feel is appropriate to the instance you are reporting, we will do our best to confront any situation but please be aware that we may not be able to take action without corroboration. But we will investigate into any and all claims.

If this is a serious enough situation, such as actual or attempted rape or sexual assault please contact the local police department.

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    We are Here to Help

    Please know that we are here to help you can reach a number of us anytime, know that we want to help and will do our best to understand the situation should you feel you would rather talk to one of us personally. Pj Jacokes - 248.980.6530 Tommy LeRoy - 313.282.9519 Jess Loria - 586.914.6071 Sam Sage - 248.520.5757 Please visit the link below for the United Nations definitions of Sexual Harrasment.