Homeschoolers of Ann Arbor-4H (HAA)
Welcome to our Spring1, 2021 class registration!

After 11:59 pm on Tuesday, February 23, there will be a $5 late registration fee and we will no longer be accepting scholarship requests.
Classes that don't have adequate PAID registration at that point risk being cut, so please do register early in order to help us run as many classes as possible.

Per 4-H guidelines, all of our classes will be virtual again this session.
Moving our classes online has given us the flexibility to offer classes Monday-Friday!

Classes will begin March 1.
Six-week classes will end on April 9.
Twelve-week classes will end on May 21.
There are no scheduled breaks.
Potential make-up classes will be arranged by teachers and classes directly if and when necessary.

Ages and grades are recommendations given to us by instructors. We understand that kids vary widely in their knowledge, skills, abilities, attention spans, and maturity levels and know that you know your children best. We trust that you will make decisions based on that information with the recommendations in mind. Teachers will be made aware that there may be some deviation from their guidelines.
Adults are welcome in enroll in some of the classes.
Adults are also welcome to accompany students in order to assist them when necessary.

Some classes have required materials listed in the class descriptions. Please obtain these on your own before the start of classes.
In the instance of classes that have prepackaged materials kits, you will be contacted prior to the start of classes to arrange for contactless pickup. We understand that our membership is currently not entirely local; shipping is sometimes possible if requested; earlier registration will ease this process.

Homeschoolers of Ann Arbor(HAA)-4-H is a membership club. We have reduced our annual dues this year to $25/family which will go towards website maintenance, Zoom accounts, and other club expenses. Membership will allow access to priority class registration and our closed Facebook group.

In order to register for HAA's 4-H club, all children who were 5 or over on January 1, 2021, must be 4-H members. Registration can easily be completed at
4-H has waived fees for 2020-2021 to help all families during this global pandemic. If your child is already part of another 4-H club, just list HAA as an additional club on your child's online registration form. You needn't complete the entire thing in duplicate.

UPON RECEIPT OF PAYMENT, you will receive confirmation and be included on the teacher's class roster.
Expect to receive a welcome message and Zoom link from your student's teacher(s) prior to the start of class(es).
We will also then add you to the HAA email list and, if opting in below, the private Facebook group.
Our public Facebook PAGE is open for anyone to join at any time.

Payments NOT required IN FULL at outset; scholarship and payment plans are available but MUST be requested by 11:59pm, Tuesday, February 23 . Parents will be informed of granted scholarship amounts before classes begin.
Note that any outstanding balances from previous sessions will result in a hold on registration for the current session until payment is made or arrangements are approved.
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If registered for Harry Potter class, please state Hogwart's House.
Please let us know below if you need multiple supply kits for any classes, and how many.
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4H prefers a second adult be present in classes (to observe, NOT participate). If you know you'll be helping your younger student in a class, or are willing to sit in on another, please let us know for which classes below. Having Zoom audio on in the background while you're working/otherwise engaged is fine.
HAA has a private Facebook group, if you and/or any of your family members want to be added, please list the email addresses associated with the account(s) of those wanting to be added.
Any questions for us? Please leave them here.
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