LabStart Platform : project proposition (pre-release)
Please fill in this form if you wish to see your project evaluated in advance by our patent engineer teams.

. What is the point of submitting my project before launching the platform?
Our teams verify that there are no elements preventing your project to lead to a patent filing (c.f LabStart Whitepaper for more details). Our teams check if the technology or product you want to develop is not already patented.
This validation phase may take some time, submit your project now will allow you to be among the first
published projects once the platform is operational.

. How do I know if my project has been validated?
We will keep you informed about the validation status of your project as quickly as possible. In case
your project does not pass the verification process, the reasons that led to the rejection of your project will be
transmitted. You will then be able to submit a new validation request once modifications have been made.

. When will my project be published on the platform?
Your project will be published on the platform as soon as possible, following the date you will have
filled in this form.
If you wish to change the publication date of your project, feel free to contact us at

Please provide the general description of your project. This description must be as accurate as possible.

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