Glial cells-neuron crosstalk ONLINE workshop - October 1st-3rd 2020
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Practical information
Event Timing: October 1st-3rd 2020
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we made the choice to SWITCH OUR WORKSHOP TO VIRTUAL. We are currently working hard to organize the event as best as we can to allow interactions among participants even while under travel and stay-at-home restrictions
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Program in short
Since their discovery, glia were thought for a long time only to support neurons passively. In line with this view, neurological and psychiatric disorders have long been interpreted as the exclusive consequence of abnormalities in neurons. We now appreciate that glia operate as master regulators of numerous aspects of CNS development and plasticity. Further, dysregulations of the glial cells-neuron crosstalk can be primarily involved in initiation and progression of several neuropathologies.
The aim of this 3-day long workshop is to enable participants to get a thorough understanding of the functions of glial cells in health and disease. The program includes lectures on the newest conceptual advancements and methodological approaches in the study of glial cells in synaptic function, development and CNS disease. Participants will have the opportunity to present their own research projects and discuss ideas with leaders in the field. The program includes sessions devoted to research methodology and theoretical-practical training, that will allow participants to learn and practice state-of-the-art methods/techniques to study glia-neuron interactions.
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