Title Runner Support Request
You were directed to this form because you contacted Firebird Leather about support for your run for a title holder position in the BDSM/Leather community. We receive too many requests every year to be able to say yes to them all and, frankly, lately some of the leather title competitions seem more like high school popularity contests than something meant to support the community.

We want to support someone who shares our values and will champion causes in the community that we believe in, so we are asking you to answer a few questions about your desire to be a title holder.

Every year we will choose one person to be a recipient of a basket worth $400 from Firebird Leather. There will be at least one of Nix's signature pieces in the basket. (Signature pieces are frequently one of a kind pieces or limited editions).

The rules: Answer the questions to the best of your ability. You can enter once per year. We don't care what title you are running for or what level it is at. It can be local, regional, international, whatever. All can apply. It does have to be a verified title that feeds to a higher competition. You need to submit this form at least ONE MONTH before your competition.

What we are looking for- Someone who has a reason for wanting their title aside from getting a fancy patch.

Fine print: Nix chooses who gets the basket and isn't obligated to choose anyone if a viable candidate doesn't present themselves. Once a recipient is chosen this form will be taken down. No information from this form will be shared with anyone outside of Firebird Leather staff. You are not required to submit your name or any identifying information aside from your contact info. If you are not chosen it doesn't mean we think you wouldn't be a good title holder. Outside factors such as busy seasons, illness, and timing can affect the decision.

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Title holders are community leaders. What have you done thus far to support the community and set yourself apart as a leader? *
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What causes associated with the BDSM community do you plan to focus on? *
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How will having a title help you to pursue your goals in contributing to the community? *
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If chosen, what date would you need to get your basket by in order to have it count toward your competition? *
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