Congregational Survey for March 2021
Please take this brief survey by March 8.

As our Session prepares to meet again in March to discuss the question of when to begin resuming in-person services, we would like to gather some info from you as part of our decision-making process. While there are many factors that contribute to Session’s decisions regarding resuming in-person services, the perspective of our congregation is an important contributor. Your responses are significant given the preparation necessary to host in-person services.

This is not a congregational ‘vote’ on whether to resume in-person services or continue with only streaming services for now. However, your input is an important part of the information-gathering process as we seek God’s direction. 

Thank you for your participation!
Beginning March 28, would you start attending services in person? As you answer this question, please note: we would practice social distancing, continue facility sanitization, require masks and temperature checks upon entering the facility, and masks would be required during singing. *
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