Orangeburg Musicians' Integrative Community (MUSIC) Project
Thank you for agreeing to participate in the Orangeburg Musicians' Integrative Community (MUSIC) Project! Your participation in this research is entirely voluntary. You may skip questions on the survey or withdraw from the study without penalty. At your request, your responses to this survey can be kept confidential. This survey will take about ten minutes.

The purpose of this research is to foster community interaction, especially among musicians, and to measurably enhance the unique cultural characteristics of our shared community here in Orangeburg. There are neither any reasonably foreseeable risks nor any significant direct benefits attached to participation in this research. However, the Claflin University researchers involved- faculty and students alike- sincerely hope to contribute positively to musical interaction in the cultural life of this community.

This project is funded by in part by the South Carolina Arts Commission, which receives support from the National Endowment for the Arts.

For more information about the research, or to obtain additional paper copies of the survey, please contact the Principle Investigator: Peter Hoesing, Assistant Professor of Music History and Ethnomusicology at

South Carolina Arts Commission
Musical Background
Musical Training (check all that apply)
Please describe your musical background as completely as possible. If you checked one of the options above, indicate how many years of training you received. If your training was informal, please indicate where and how that training took place.
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Current Musical Practices
Please describe your current musical practices as completely as possible. Use a list if applicable.
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Are you a church musician? (please describe)
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Please describe any professional or semi-professional work you have done in music.
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Do you play any instruments? Please list all, no matter your level of expertise.
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Please estimate the percentage of your income earned from musical activities.
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Please indicate your level of interest in additional activities (check all that apply).
Do you know other musicians whom you think would be willing to participate in this survey? Please make suggestions here:
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Personal Information
First Name
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Last Name
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City, State
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Demographic Information
Type of employment: How many hours per week do you work at your main job?
Annual Income
Marital Status
Race/Ethnicity (indicate all that apply)
If you chose "other," indicate how you describe yourself.
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Educational Profile
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