The Childress Fellowship, 2023-2024
The Childress Family Foundation supports this fund to help advanced students majoring in History at Ball State. Individual awards are designed to assist students to meet a particular or unexpected situation. Funds are to be used for expenses of an academic or scholarly nature only.

Purpose and Amount of Assistance:
A limited amount of financial assistance to advanced students majoring in History is available each semester through funds provided by the Childress Family Foundation. Amounts of individual awards, generally limited to modest sums, are designed to assist the student to meet a particular or unexpected situation and will be determined by the availability of funds and the circumstances of each applicant. Grants may be made to meet all or part of tuition costs, to help in the purchase of texts and other reuired books, and to meet other special expenses of an academic or scholarly nature. Funds under this program are not available for personal needs (such as food, housing, or transportation) and cannot be allocated for unspecified purposes or uses.

Assistance is handled in general by budget transfers within the university. For example, the History Department might arrange to pay directly all or part of a tuition bill or a bookstore bill when receipts are presented. Cash is generally NOT disbursed directly to individuals under this program.

Criteria: Recipients must be:
1. full-time regular students who are juniors, seniors, or master's degree candidates majoring in History
2. registered for a minimum of six credits of coursework in history during each semester for which aid is sought.

Preference is given to students demonstrating sound academic ability and accomplishment.

Selection and Notification: 
Decisions awarding assistance and determining the form and amount of aid are made by the Merit and Scholarship Committee of the Department of History after careful evaluation of all applications. The variations in the amount of money available each semester or summer and in the number and merit of applications make it impossible to specify how many awards might be made for any semester. All applicants will be notified as soon as possible of the Committee's decision(s).

Deadline: February 28, 2023 at 11:59pm.

Questions? Contact History's Administrative Coordinator, Julee Sims (
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