Internship Employer Agreement
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By participating in the UX Academy Internship Program, the employing organization agrees to:
Provide a written job description and the name of a supervisor or contact person for each intern to call in case of tardiness or absence from work.

If providing in-person work, provide a COVID‐19 safety plan in accordance with DEED guidelines.

Ensure that the agency is in compliance with all Child and State Labor Laws and in no instance should an intern be assigned to work more than eight (8) hours a day.

Provide an internship opportunity that offers at least 6 weeks of work at a minimum of 20 hours a week with a minimum wage of $15.00/hour.

Provide a site visit/orientation for UX Academy intern(s) on employer’s relevant policies and procedures.

Provide human resources management throughout the internship (i.e. employment verification, timecards, payroll).

Provide the necessary equipment, materials and supplies for each intern to successfully complete assigned tasks and perform job duties. (Note: Interns are able to supply their own MacBook Pro laptops)

Ensure that there is sufficient work planned and adequate supervision for each intern.

Complete a performance evaluation for each intern as communicated by the UX Academy Program.

Release UX Academy intern(s) during work hours to participate in professional and UX skills training provided by UX Academy staff. This training will be paid for by the employer, for two (2) hours per week for six (6) weeks. Specific dates/times for training will be provided at orientation.

Report any instances of disciplinary actions, sexual harassment, or workplace injury regarding the intern to the UX Academy director, Ange Wang (

Have a designated supervisor who will respond to communication from UX Academy staff.

UX Academy program partners and staff agree to:
Recruit, interview, and place interns appropriately matched to the employer’s job description(s) to the best of our abilities.

Provide two (2) hours of professional skills training sessions per week for UX Academy interns for six (6) weeks of the internship program.

Provide bus passes for interns for the duration of the internship for those who need transportation assistance.

Provide supervisor orientation to prepare direct supervisors for work with diverse youth.

Provide on‐site job coaching and mentorship for interns at the request of either the intern or supervisor.
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