Workshop w/ Dariusz Fodczuk: Privately But in Public, 15 April, Istanbul
We are pleased to welcome to Istanbul Mr Dariusz Fodczuk, a Polish contemporary artist and performer, who will lead a 2-day workshop for visual and performing artists from Istanbul. It's free! The workshop is for artists from any art discipline. Because of the limited capacity we reserve the right to rejects an applicants. Sign up now.

What is the workshop about
The workshop is inspired by a creative approach developed by Joseph Beuys known as the ‘social sculpture’. We will search for the meaning of the concept and try to answer some questions such as:
— Can human relationships and activities be sculpted?
— Are we able to translate them into categories of beauty?
— Is category of beauty necessary if it cannot be adopted into the social sculpture situation?
— What are meanings of beauty?
— Does empathy have any use for art?

On the working method
— The workshop will consist of a talk and practical exercises based on methods of creativity training.
— It all aims to explain selected aspects of performance art and to raise up the creative ability of the participants.
During the workshop, we will develop our interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence in the way supporting artistic creativity.

Venue and time
— Hungarian Cultural Centre (Macar Kültür Merkezi), İmrahor Caddesi No:23 B Blok Kağıthane Polat Ofis, 34400 Kağıthane/İstanbul, Türkiye
— Sunday, 15 April 2018
— Each day 11.00–17.00

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