Playing on Blocklandia
Our whitelist, and server, is monitored by parents who volunteer their time and it may be 2 to 4 weeks before we get to your request depending on the time of year and how many requests we receive. It's very important to know that if you join our server, we have strict policies around rule breaking. This means that if you (or your child) doesn't follow the rules, we will rescind our invitation and take you off the whitelist.

However, we not only have the rules online, we also have an extensive rules tutorial for you to go through when you join so it should be pretty easy to follow the rules (and when all else fails, remember treat others and things like you would want yourself and your things to be treated).

Please note: our primary population has trended older as our own kids, and the kids who have been with us for the last 10 years have aged. This means most of the people who play on Blocklandia are teens and older.

If you are a parent completing this form for a child please provide **your child's** age category not the "parent" category. This allows us to better identify our younger players who may have difficulty with the speed of chat or understanding the rules.

Please only submit one username per request.

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