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Got an idea? We'd love to hear it! Let us know your talk proposal for the ML/AI Meetup below. Read these guidelines first:

Lightning Talk (~5-15 min. + 5 min. questions):
- Basically always accepted, we'll fit you in somewhere!
- Priority given to first time speakers, regular attendees and original work.
- Normally you will present with 2-3 other lightning talks, or before a full talk.
- Should be confirmed at least 1-week before the event.

Quick Update or Announcement (~1-5 min.):
- Can be about anything ML/AI related. A fun project, an upcoming event, etc.
- If it's recruiting or a product launch or promo. keep it to 1 min.
- Should be confirmed a least one day before the event, if not, just talk to an organiser on the night.

Full length talk (~30-45 min. + 10 min. questions):
- This not a conference; you can use jokes, funny pictures, random stories. Add your own personality.
- Feel free to pitch advanced technical topics; this is an advanced group that brings beginners up.
- You don't need to be an expert, you don't need a PhD or degree, just significant reading / thinking / work on the topic.
- Should be confirmed at least 2-weeks before the event, but often can be confirmed months in advance. (if you need advance confirmation please indicate below)

Talks are normally presented from your laptop. You'll need HDMI, Mini DisplayPort or USB-C output. If you don't have a suitable laptop, you can send a PDF to us and present from one of the organisers' laptops.
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