As I prepare for our wellness sessions, it is helpful for me to get to know you and your goals. These questions are purposed to make our sessions more productive.
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When is your birthday?
What services are you interested in? (select all that apply)
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What time would be best for us to have sessions? You can list specific times or a give a general morning, afternoon, evening, night.
What motivates you?
What is your long term goal?
What can I do to help you? (Example: encouragement, accountability, check-ins, etc..) Type what comes to mind, we will piece it all together, so no worries if it doesn't make sense right now. *
What items or materials would you use to enhance your self-care routine?
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Do you have any allergies? (List materials or food that you are allergic to) *
Take a moment to reflect on your "best self". Who is she? What does she do? What does she have that you do not have at the moment?
What are your limiting beliefs? What does your inner critic tell you that keeps you from fulfilling your potential?
What do you believe is your biggest hindrance in living life as your best self?
Is there anything else that you would like for me to know? Please elaborate below.
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