President Obama: Stop the DOMA Deportations Tearing Apart Our Families

On August 19th in Denver, <b>Violeta and Sujey Pando</b> will face the worst nightmare for any lesbian or gay binational couple: a final deportation hearing in an Immigration Court. They are legally married, but Violeta, a U.S. citizen, cannot sponsor her spouse, Sujey, who is from Mexico, because of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). In fact, because of DOMA, this loving, committed couple of five years, who married last year in Iowa, may be torn apart by a judge’s order next Friday if action is not taken to prevent it from happening.

The President has said that DOMA is unconstitutional and has endorsed its repeal. The President must immediately direct the Department of Homeland Security to halt all deportation of spouses of lesbian and gay American citizens to prevent DOMA from destroying marriages. If Sujey Pando is deported she will be barred from returning to the U.S. for ten years.

<b><u>None of this would be happening to an opposite-sex couple in the same situation</u></b>.

Urge President Obama, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, and Attorney General Eric Holder to take action: exercise prosecutorial discretion, respect Violeta and Sujey's marriage, and prevent this married lesbian couple from being torn apart.

Sign our petition to the President and send a message that we need immediate executive branch action to protect all lesbian and gay binational couples.

<ul style="padding-left:30px">
<li><b>Read</b> <b style="color:darkred">STOP THE DEPORTATIONS: The DOMA Project</a></b> for further updates</li>
<li><b>Sign</b> this petition urging the officials to halt DOMA deportations</li>
<li><b>Call</b> your elected officials to urge them to help couples like Violeta & Sujey Pando before Sujey's final hearing on August 19th
<div style="padding-left:30px">
U.S. Representative <b>Diana DeGette</b>: 202.225.4431, <i>Denver 303.844.4988</i>
U.S. Senator <b>Michael Bennet</b>: 202.224.5852, <i>Denver 303.455.7600</i>
U.S. Senator <b>Mark Udall</b>: 202.224.5941, <i>Denver 303.650.7820</i></div></li>
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