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Founders Embassy is the world's first accelerator designed for international and immigrant entrepreneurs committed to making a positive impact on the world. It focuses on elevating, inspiring, and educating international and immigrant founders by offering them unprecedented access to Silicon Valley through its immersive acceleration programs, impactful events, and thought leadership - all without any exchange of equity.

We are always searching for transformational thought leaders to contribute to content during our acceleration programs. Would you like to share your story or important lessons learned that you you think would benefit other entrepreneurs? Would you like to lead a small workshop or a roundtable? Would you be interested in moderating a panel or judge a competition? Fill out the application below to join the movement and contribute to Founders Embassy's inspiring content.


FOUNDERS EMBASSY ACCELERATION PROGRAM is a two-week bootcamp-style program for international and immigrant entrepreneurs, designed to be a fast-paced, immersive look into Silicon Valley. Founders will stay under the same roof in the heart of San Francisco, learning from one another while receiving coaching from Silicon Valley mentors, experts, and investors.

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We're open to different topics as long as they are relevant to our community. Our audience is interested in stories from successful entrepreneurs and executives on how they got started, overcame certain challenges, grew and scaled their company, expanded globally, built the right culture, secured funding, relocated to the U.S., etc.
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