Seattle Select/Roosevelt Select Winter Holiday Camp Dec. 26-28th
Location: Calvary Christian Assembly Church - 6801 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA. 98115

Boys and Girls 4th-8th Grade
Dec. 26-28th 10am-3pm
$200 for 3 days

This position specific camp will cover concepts and skills for PG, Post, and Shooting Guards. All classes include defense and live scrimmage : )

Day 1 - PG: This class will help players learn how to be a floor general and to become a smarter and dominant PG. Even if you are not a point guard, these concepts and skills carry over to other positions and will help with leadership and fundamentals.

Day 2 - Post: This class will help post players become more fundamentally sound around the basket with an emphasis on footwork, scoring around the basket, defense, rebounding, sealing, passing, outlets, high-post play, pick and rolls, attacking zones, and playing through contact.

Day 3 - Shooting Guard: This class will help give players a full day of shooting to fix and improve their form, footwork and shooting percentage. Along with the drills and skills, shooters will learn how to move without the ball, create open shots, and increase the quickness of their shot.

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Assumption of Risk & Release, Consent for Treatment: Participation in programs sponsored by the Seattle Select Basketball Club/Roosevelt Select and the use of the clubs’ facilities involves potentially hazardous activities such as running, jumping and strenuous exercise, and use of equipment that could lead to serious injury and/or death. I, the undersigned, acknowledge and assume all these risks. In exchange for participation in programs/training and using the club's facilities, I release and agree to hold harmless, the club, their agents, employees, officers, and directors from all injury, death, property damage and expenses, including attorney fees, arising from the participation in the Calvary Church facilities. I, the parent also consent to the above named child being given emergency treatment by staff, physician, EMT, or hospital in case of accident or illness. *
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