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Registration terms: The costs of the tournament are € 735 per team of 14 players (€ 52,50 p.p.) and 2 companions (coach/manager). This includes: breakfast, lunches, dinner, snacks, Saturday evening party, stay and tournament. Every additional person (either player or coach/manager) will pay an extra 52,50 euro.If your team meets the requirements for participation, you will receive a confirmation and notice for payment. The final decision of participation will be made by the committee. Please note that your registration will only be definite after your payment has been received.There will be no refund for cancellations after May 1st 2020. By submitting this registration, I agree to pay the total amount of € 735 within 2 weeks after receiving the confirmation and payment notification. *
I am sure my team does not need to play competition back home on May 30th and 31th. *
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