I Need a Ride to the Polls! Voter Requests for Rides to the Polls Georgia 2018: December 4 Runoff Election
If you get a ride request from a voter on the hotline, please fill out this form completely and someone from our rides team will reach out to scheduled them for Election Day, Tuesday, December 4.

WE CAN MAKE NO GUARANTEES, but we will DO OUR BEST to try to pair voters with a driver.

If people would like to be DRIVERS, they can sign up here: https://goo.gl/forms/GksMbMKp0gkowc7N2

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Who in your household would like a ride to the polls? *
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If they're a student at a college or university, which one?
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County (If they don't know this, you can look this up here: https://goo.gl/MQWeKT) *
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What times are you available to be picked up for a ride? (Please get the WIDEST AVAILABILITY from the voter. We would like to ideally bring voters to vote in the morning on Election Day to free up drivers to give day-of requests later in the day)
Do you have any other needs or circumstances we need to know about? Please explain in detail. (Ex: 1. If wheelchair, is it motorized? 2. If regular wheelchair, can you get into a regular car with assistance? 3. If student, do you need to vote in a different county than your school?)
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Statement of Understanding *
Thank you!
We are going to be reaching out to voters ASAP to schedule them, so you can expect a call from our rides team very soon. We will do our best to find a driver to bring you to vote. Please be sure to answer your phone so that our drivers can get through to you.
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