Youth Employment Survey
The City of Seattle's Youth Employment Initiative (COSYEI) builds career pathways for youth and creates a recruitment pipeline for local businesses seeking skilled workers.
The City’s goal is to increase the number of paid internships and employment opportunities for young people in 2018. To accomplish this, the City is tracking the total number of internship and employment opportunities available to young people on an annual basis. Thank you for filling out this survey.
Youth must:
• Be 16 - 24 years of age
• Be paid for their work (including stipends)
• Either live or work within the Seattle city limits
How many paid interns did you host in 2018? *
Exclude interns hired through the COSYEI or SYEP programs.
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How many youth did you hire in permanent positions through strategic partnerships in 2018? *
These are partnerships with youth serving organizations or youth employment programs.
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Is there anything else you would like to share about your internship or employment opportunities for youth?
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Company/Organization *
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First and Last Name *
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How did you hear about the Initiative?
The City would like to recognize your efforts to provide opportunities for youth. Please provide your company web address.
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Supporting the Initiative *
We support the City’s effort to build career pathways for youth and create a recruitment pipeline for local businesses seeking skilled workers.
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