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We are looking for inspiring stories, innovative ideas, and radically passionate speakers which will positively impact humanity and the planet...above all, we're looking for content rich, "aha" laden presentations. Presentations must be kept to 12 minutes, max.

ThriveUnion is committed to leaving the planet and humanity better than we found it. We're looking for speakers who'll inspire our audience to live better, create more intimate communities and improve our world.

ThriveTalks focus on three major areas:
1) Empowerment & Fulfillment - how can individuals live better lives? What insights can be gleamed from the latest research from psychology, biology, and philosophy?
2) Community, Cooperation & Leadership - all of humanity's biggest problems require us to either live better together or cooperate more.
3) World Embetterment - Human beings are radically transforming the planet in ways nature never intended. How can we reverse the diretion? How can we improve the environment?

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