Workplace Related Stress In Journalism

The following questions aim to assess the psychosocial dynamics of your job. Answering these questions do not make you more vulnerable to stress. The answers provided are completely confidential.

This questionnaire is anonymous and respondents will not be contacted afterwards. However if participants need to contact the research team, contact details are available below.

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Dr Adongo T. -

Age *
Sex *
State of residence *
Marital Status *
Do you have children?
How long have you worked as a journalist? *
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Salary per month
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Ever been exposed to trauma while reporting? *
What was the most recent trauma you were exposed to?
When (year) were you last exposed to the trauma?
If you were exposed to any trauma, did it affect you in anyway?
If Yes to the above, please describe?
Do you have “disaster/conflict report” training? *
Do you routinely receive training on equipment-use prior to assignments? *
Have you ever experienced any physical, digital or mental threat in the course of your work? *
Have you experienced any psychological problem while working as a journalist? *
If yes to the above, did you discuss this with your newsroom management?
Do you have any physical illness? *
If yes, are you receiving treatment for this illness?
Do you think there is a need for accessible mental health services/facilities for journalists? *
If there were such a mental health facility, would you access it?
What characteristics you would like to be inherent in this mental health facility?
Have you been bereaved in the past six months? *
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