Webinar Sign-up: Using Rapid Resist to Win in Trump Country

Join Rapid Resist for a half hour webinar explaining how we can help you reach thousands of new people in your area. We are a free, people-powered system built to help grassroots organizers in a red or purple area.
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What's the deal?
Want to cut through the clutter and let thousands more new people in your area know about your organizing? Want help creating a system to make sure that you aren’t always overwhelmed and burnt out? Ready to create a massive event to persuade a Republican legislator to stop Trump’s agenda?

This Webinar will be super quick - find out about who we are, how we work and how you can turn our help into an army of volunteers supporting your progressive organizing - to stop Trump's agenda and win at the state and local level too.

What folks are saying:

“Rapid Resist is a great partner in the Resistance to help get people out to rallies. I've had more people show up as a result of Rapid Resist putting out a text a day or so in advance than I do from online postings.” Mike, Indivisible of AZ

“I was so happy to see Nevada's coalition of progressive organizations successfully hold actions targeting our Members of Congress and the Trump administration with the assistance of Rapid Resist. Rapid Resist can effectively mobilize, whether the event is last minute or planned well in advance.” Autumn, Working Families Party, Carson City

What is Rapid Resist:

Rapid Resist is a 501c3 non-profit that supports front-lines progressive organizers in conservative areas. We do so to both stop Donald Trump’s autocratic agenda and tangibly improve the lives of those left out of economic progress. We know local organizers with deep relationships in the community are key to doing that. Our founder, Yoni Landau, comes from launching Robert Reich's video non-profit and working at the White House OMB

As of June 18th, Rapid Resist has sent 773,858 text messages and successfully recruited 17,791 activists for 93 actions or events in key Republican districts. 417 trained volunteers use a peer-to-peer texting platform to support a network of 119 organizers across the country by having one-on-one recruitment conversations with registered democrats and others via text.
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