CALS Weekly Update - Submissions
- Messages must be submitted by noon the Thursday before they are to appear
- Messages should be written in the third-person, single-space after period, and must be 100 words or less
- Messages with attachments, broken links, excessive length, significant spelling/grammar mistakes or missing information will be rejected
- Subject matter should be broadly relevant to the CALS student population
- Message content should have value from an educational or professional development perspective or as a public/student relations tool for CALS or one of its programs, not simply an advertisement for a private company or brand
- All content is subject for review by a representative of the CALS Dean's Office (submission does not guarantee inclusion)
- Independent emails are reserved for programs/events organized by the CALS Dean's Office
- If your submission is an event, please follow the sample submission below

Sample Submission:

Navigating the Job Search and Salary Negotiation
April 6 |5:30-7 p.m. | McCarty D, Room 2025
During this workshop, CALS students will learn best practices regarding the full-time job and internship search process and how to effectively negotiate a salary offer.

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