TWICE THE 7th Mini Album 'Fancy You' Malaysia Group Order
Hello please read this carefully before you place your order :

All albums come with preorder benefits : Preorder photocards set and posters

For anyone who choose the albums to be unsealed, there is a guarantee of at least 1 of your bias's photocards.
(1 out of 5 in the album) (1/9 of total number of photocards)
I will also try my best for the CD, Fancy Lenticular and Fancy sticker to be of your member preference.

(Top 5 only , hence please state it out clearly).

- 3 versions cover
- 3 versions photobooks
- Random 1 out of 9 Fancy Lenticular
- Random 1 out of 9 CD-R
- Photocards ( 5 / 90 )
- Random 1 out of 9 Fancy Stickers

Preorder only - 2 types of Photocards and posters (100 % guaranteed for 1st batch)

**If you choose a sealed album, please choose RANDOM FOR ALL.**

There will be a mass meetup at Starbucks NU sentral on 03/05 or 04/05 (Date and time TBC) , other than that you can choose to meetup with me at any MRT station / LRT Kelana Jaya / Ampang line / AMPANG area after 3rd / 4th May

Please dm me through :
Whatsapp : 0188743202
Carousell : linvisfra320

1st batch dateline : 14/04/2019 12pm
2nd batch dateline : 21/04/2019 12pm

for the proof of payment and any inquiries. For those who wish to choose postage, please do dm me before paying to double confirm thank you!

I do understand that a lot of you would like the joy of unsealing the albums by yourselves but so as to increase the chances of you getting your bias without much trouble, do try to at least choose one to be unsealed. TQ!! I'll try my best to give everyone their preference ^^

Email address *
Album preview
Info on type of albums
The prices for albums are as follows :

RM 75 for 1 Album
RM 148 for 2 Albums
RM 220 for 3 Albums

RM 85 for 1 Album
RM 162 for 2 Albums
RM 236 for 3 Albums

RM 87 for 1 Album
RM 165 for 2 Albums
RM 245 for 3 Albums

All preorder benefits are INCLUDED for all albums. Posters will come in tubes.
I will try my best to ensure that all albums reach you safely in good condition, but I would like to apologise first if there is any mishaps in international shipping (from Korea to Malaysia) I can only do my best to ensure that they are well wrapped before sending them to you.

ETA : within 29th April -3rd May
Post out : before 6th May

Please MAKE YOUR PAYMENT FIRST before you fill in this form.
Any orders without full payment before both datelines will be IGNORED.

Note : If you would like A version and B version to be unsealed and C version to be sealed, kindly fill in the form twice. Thank you so much ^^

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Member Preference (4th Choice) *
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Payment methods
Please make your payment to :
Ang Lin

and PM me with proof of payment before these deadlines :

1st batch dateline : 14/04/2019 12pm
2nd batch dateline : 21/04/2019 12pm

Have you made your payment? *
Total amount paid (including postage) *
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Please state the time and date of payment and dm me with the proof of payment :)) (Eg : 08.15p.m., 11/04/2019) *
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Thank you and I will add you all into a group shortly to update on the albums!
*Note : please do not spam my whatsapp thank you!
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