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Freshman year is full of transitions and new experiences. From graduating high school to preparing to leave for home for the first time, our content aims to capture this unique time in your life and share it on a national platform. Contributing writers are responsible for pitching and creating quality editorial content related to the last semester of high school, freshman year, college life, and current events.

We are now accepting writers in the class of 2021 and 2022!

Responsibilities & Expectations
Fresh U Contributing Writers are expected to
1) Pitch content relevant to college students and high school seniors
2) Submit articles according to preferred writing frequency: weekly, biweekly or monthly
3)Work with Fresh U Editors to correctly format articles
4) Use Fresh U to share experiences and diverse perspectives as college students and high school seniors
5) Help build a network of writers
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Ex: Previous articles that have run on our site include, "Why I'm Glad I Didn't Graduate as My School Valedictorian," "13 Things I Wish I Had Done My Senior Year," "What I Learned From Getting Waitlisted."
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By applying to be a contributing writer for Fresh U, you understand that all content published on the Fresh U website is under the ownership of Fresh U, LLC and cannot be republished, redistributed, repurposed or reused for a third-party publisher without written consent from Fresh U. If a third-party publisher contacts you inquiring about re-publishing your article, please contact before responding. Fresh U reserves the right to refuse to publish any articles submitted by contributing writers. Should we decide not to publish your article, it is eligible for submission and publication elsewhere. If another publisher contacts you about publishing your article before it has been published on Fresh U and you would prefer to have said piece published elsewhere, please contact You also agree that all work submitted is original work, truthful, and attributed correctly. Plagiarism will not be tolerated, and will result in a termination of your contributing writer position. Contributor positions are unpaid and on a volunteer basis. And finally, by checking the box below you also agree to our terms of service available at this link:
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