2016 SMCKC Board Nominations

President Responsibilities

Lead development of annual strategic plan and key performance indicators.
Report on strategic plan progress.
Support committee chairpersons as needed.
Serve as primary point of contact to the National chapter.
Represent SMCKC to media outlets as needed.
Attend SMCKC events and serve as facilitator as needed.
Actively participate on various social networking sites.
Reach out to complimentary local organizations to build awareness and relationships.
Lead executive board meetings.
Guide, counsel and coach executive board members as needed

As a strong second in command to our fearless leader, the Vice President:

Fulfills the responsibilities in the President’s absence
Guides, counsels, and coaches the executive board members
Helps recruit committee leads as needed, and manages the committee framework/process
Coordinates the election process; including nominations, confirmations, setting up the voting format, tallying, and announcing results
Serves as a community representative for SMCKC

Advocacy Chair Responsibilities

Act as liaison for Kansas City Sourcelink, ECJC and other opportunities for SMCKC members to engage with other groups or learning opportunities.
Reach out to Local/National communities for the following:
Leverage the resources of SMCKC
Post volunteer opportunities
Identify speaking, panel, workshop opportunities for membership at conferences, seminars, businesses
Coordinate quarterly non-profit/charity community opportunities for the organization throughout the year.
Work with membership and events chair to coordinate annual SMCKC awards event and bi-annual Non-Profit Event.
Post at least one Advocacy Update blog/month.
Manage committee leads and team members

Maintain all online SMCKC presence, including but not limited to: hosting smckc.com, smckc email, websites, Facebook, & LinkedIn.
Work with Events Chair to staff and provide equipment needed for events (projectors, screens, streaming, etc)
Serve as the subject matter expert on new technology and how it impacts social media.
Propose new technology adaptations for SMCKC when necessary.

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