Free 7 Day Self-Care Challenge! February 4, 2020
It's our 7 Day Self-Care Challenge exclusively available for our Community! We are so happy you are here! Making time for self-care is hard. We are so busy and you put others needs before yourself. Especially if you are a parent. This challenge we're going to focus on taking care of ourselves. We know the best way to be the best for others is by taking care of ourself.

Allow yourself to focus on YOU during these next 7 days. The challenge is simple. The goal is to focus on yourself! We will have daily Self-Care Tasks for you to do as well as Healthy Recipes and Workouts.

We are in this together! Let's make February the month we love ourself a little more and in the process positively effect the lives of the ones we love. We got this. xo Coco
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What is the first goal you'd like to reach this month? Weight-loss, weight gain, weight maintenance, energy, more time, find yummy and healthy again!
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