Masks + PPE - How much do you need?
We are cooperative buying group of 100+ organizations looking to help share information, market insight, and facilitate group purchasing in this time of need, supply chain challenges, and uncertainty.

Your filling out this survey, will keep you in the loop regarding suppliers that have fulfill orders at price points, payment terms, and delivery timelines that made sense.

Background on the Community Purchasing Alliance

Community Purchasing Alliance (CPA) is member-owned cooperative ( We help educational, religious, coop, small and mid-sized businesses lower the cost of their goods and services while being more effective with the performance they get from their vendors. In 2019, we facilitated $17,000,000 in purchasing and $7.9 million went to black & POC-owned businesses.

Priority deadline to complete this interest form: Monday, July 13, 2020

We plan to organize the responses to use anticipated volumes and negotiate with suppliers. (So far we have 181 organizations, looking for ~450,000 items, ~$1.8 million in likely spend, & PPE for 56,000+ people.)

July 13 -- Submit this interest form
July 14 -- The purchase portal with all of the products, prices, and shipping timelines will be shared with you so that you can make your purchase as part of this bulk purchasing process

We'll likely repeat a similar process in August and September. Please complete this interest form if you would like to be kept in the loop about opportunities with this collective effort.

We help all types of organizations. If helpful, here is a profile of a school we worked with and how they estimated their needs. It also includes some price ranges for each type of item.

This background document gives more context for the process we organized in May and June with over 150 organizations:

Feel free just to use rough estimates in this survey and/or just complete the required fields and we'll keep you in the loop.
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Masks 1: How many _disposable_ masks are you looking to order? *
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How much hand sanitizer do you think you'll need? (Standard bottle is 8-12oz)
How many boxes of disposable gloves will you need? (A standard box contains 100 pairs)
How many "no contact" thermometers might you be interested in?
How many disinfectant wipes (>70% alcohol content) might you be interested in?
How many people pass through your building on a normal operating day? (We recognize this is vague, just offer your best estimate - give # of expected visitors / regular occupants.)
When do you need the majority of these supplies?
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