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All contracts launched with RLDX will always require a minimum of 1% tax fee that is included inside the contract. Please, provide all the information below to get started with the vetting process.
Project Name *
Whitepaper Link *
Lead team member TG tag *
Is the team or Dev Doxed? If not do you mind Doxing? *
Preferred launch date *
Website – (example… *
Token Ticker – (example… LRG) *
Which blockchain will you be launching on (example... ERC-20) *
Token Supply – (example…. 100,000) *
Token Taxes (example…. Marketing 7%) *
How much liquidity/supply do you plan to add? (Example…10 Ethereum and 100,000 tokens)? *
Do you plan to Burn any tokens before or after Launch? Please say when and how many tokens. (Example…. 24,000 tokens burned before launch) *
Do you need to have any tokens/wallets Vested or Locked? Please be prepared to provide a CSV file or list with the following included…… Wallet address, number of tokens, and how long. *
Will you need to do Token Airdrops? If so please be prepared to provide us the following in CSV or List form, Wallet address, number of tokens, and when before or after launch. *
Please Provide the wallet we will pass ownership of access to. *
Will you need Help Post launch? Yes, we would like support for function calls and contract optimization. *
Are you Interested in bridging your token to any other chains? *
Are you looking for NFT contract or services? *
Our team understands if some of the information is not ready yet, please note in the end of your application what other services you need help with. We will provide you with a form of our services as well. Thank you for your cooperation, hope to hear from you soon.
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