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Please complete and return this form. We can provide valuable assistance by helping you find the
right contractor for your job.

Plan Ahead! Members in our “Construction, Building Services &
Supplies Category” are in demand! Planning ahead helps you get on their busy schedule.

Get a Contract! Getting prices, specs, & timelines in writing helps prevent complications and
ensures payment.

Submit this contracting request form! This form allows Local Trade Partners to know exactly
what kind of work you are having done.

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Always get a cash quote to compare prices.

We have created this "Contracting Request Form" in order to match you with the specific
contractor/provider who is best qualified to satisfactorily complete your project. Because of the
nature of contracting/building etc. things such as job specifications, timing, distance, schedules,
weather and cost of goods all must be considered when finding the "right" contractor for your job.

In order to make your project go as smoothly as possible you need to review and
follow these contracting guidelines:

• Local Trade Partners will provide you with a list of contractors that participate in our program.
• It is YOUR responsibility to check references and certifications before you give a deposit or
order work to begin.
• It is YOUR responsibility to compare quotes to ensure you are being charged a fair price.
• It is YOUR responsibility to inspect the work and make sure you are completely satisfied
BEFORE you sign a trade check or any document that states work is completed.
• It is YOUR responsibility to notify Local Trade Partners immediately if you feel there are
problems arising. The sooner we can intervene, the better chance we have of helping to resolve
your problem. If the project encounters problems, we’ll do our best to help you resolve whatever
issues arise, but it is ultimately up to the parties to resolve problems.
We expect all parties to act in a reasonable manner.
Too often members expect Local Trade Partners to reverse transactions or refund money. There
are always 2 sides to every issue and we are not is a position professionally or legally to make
determination on who is right or wrong. On the rare occasion that Local Trade Partners cannot
help the parties come to an agreement, it will be necessary to contact an attorney to pursue other
options. These incidents are few and far between, we want you to be aware of
our policies so you can proceed with your project in a manner that will ensure a positive outcome.

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