Perris High School Parent Survey
Thank you for participating in the Fall 2016 Parent Survey. Your opinion is important to us. The results of this survey will be used to drive action plan items for the school site. If you request contact, then we will be in contact within 2 weeks of your completion of the survey.
I/We feel empowered to influence educational opportunities available to my/our child. *
I/We are satisfied with the communication between home and school. *
I/We are able to make an appointment with a teacher, counselor or administrator quickly and easily. *
I/We often support and help my/our child with homework. *
I/We receive good information from the school on how I/we can best support my/our child with his/her education. *
I/We are satisfied with the access to learning materials (books, workbooks, etc...) that my/our child has access to at Perris High School. *
I/We are very satisfied with the access my/our child has to computer equipment at school. *
My/Our child shows consistent academic improvement at Perris High School. *
School officials are proactive in addressing bullying. *
The teachers encourage my/our child to work hard. *
My/Our child has access to open tutoring from Perris High School. *
My/Our child has received guidance on which types of educational programs are available at Perris High School. *
My/Our child has received guidance from Perris High School staff in choosing the next stage of his/her education/career path (Ex: 4 year plan, college, university, tech training, etc...). *
What is the best way for Perris High School to get important information to you? *
Which of the following activities would you be interested in participating in? *
How welcomed do you feel at Perris High School? *
To what extent are you informed as to how your child is doing academically at school? *
How often do you participate in decisions regarding your child's high school course selection? *
Do you feel informed to make decisions about your child's education? *
How often do you communicate with your child's teacher? *
Would you be interested in receiving more information from the school regarding ways that parents can help their children be successful at Perris High School? *
When is the best time for you to attend a school event? *
The school informs me/us about my/our child's academic progress. *
Overall, how much do you feel that Perris High School values parent input?
What ways can parental involvement be strengthened at Perris High School? *
What can Perris High School do to support you in ensuring that your child graduates and is prepared to meet their post high school goals (Ex: going to college or entering the work force)?
Parent Name(s) *
Student Name(s) and Grade Level(s) *
Best Parent Contact Information (email, phone numbers, etc...)
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