CLX Advisory Committee Nomination Form
Chicago Learning Exchange is seeking nominations to fill one of six positions on the CLX Advisory Committee. CLX Advisory Committee members become part of the leadership of the CLX Community, serving as representative members for a term of 18 months.

Advisory Committee members serve several roles on behalf of the CLX Community:

1. Provide guidance to CLX leadership on strategic planning in pursuit of community goals,
2. Assist the CLX community in generating solutions to its own complex challenges by developing and implementing a project that addresses a challenge and/orenhances the CLX community during their term.
3. Strengthen relationship among members and between members and CLX leadership.
4. Advocate CLX leadership on behalf of the community and its membership when/where appropriate or necessary.
5. Advocate for the community as ambassadors beyond the CLX when/where appropriate or necessary.

Selection of the new Advisory Committee member will seek to reflect CLX membership while maintaining a diversity of representation (e.g. large and small organizations, type of roles served within the parent organization, youth audience served by the organization, racial and gender balance on Committee, etc.).

PLEASE SUBMIT THIS FORM BY TUESDAY, JANUARY 22 to nominate a CLX community member or a staff member from a CLX member organization to serve on the Advisory Committee. Self-nominations are also accepted. You may submit more than one nomination.

Each nominee will be asked to complete their own statement of interest which will be reviewed by current Advisory Committee members with the final selection of new members made by CLX leadership.

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Nominees should be affiliated with a CLX Partner organization. A list of partner organization's can be found here:
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Consider their interests, experience, contributions, and collaborations within the Community. Share why or how you believe they will make the CLX Community stronger.
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