2019 Roadworks Steamroller Printing Festival Volunteer Application
The 16th Annual Roadworks Steamroller Printing Festival will be on Sunday, September 22, 2019! Our super awesome amazing crew of volunteers is the secret to the success of our biggest free public event of the year. Please join us, we'll be ever so glad you did and we promise you will be too! Roadworks volunteer benefits include a Roadworks t-shirt, beverages and snacks, and the undying gratitude of SFCB! Sign up to help on the day of the event or to help us prepare for the event (or both)!

HOW TO VOLUNTEER :: Simply complete the questionnaire below and our Volunteer Manager will be in touch to welcome you to the team and to confirm your volunteer shift and job. You will be assigned duties for all shifts you sign up for.

QUESTIONS? Write to us at volunteer@sfcb.org.

We are looking forward to having you be a part of the team for this fun event!

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Volunteers help with a mixed-bag of tasks that may include making festive decorations, assembling packets, prepping materials, and more.
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