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Are you active in the Colorado B Corp community and willing to share your knowledge and passion with people who want their companies to demonstrate and/or improve their positive impact?

Great! We're recruiting people to advise and mentor Best for Colorado companies and prospective B Corps. For more info, check out bestforco.com OR bcorporation.net.

The first step is tell us about yourself. Once we know of people who want to advise and mentor, we'll work on how to make matches of mentors and mentees. We're just getting started with this program, so we'll be trying things and learning along the way. We encourage mentors to be able to connect around three hours in the course of three months. If you are not ready to commit this amount of time, but still happy to be a resource for a specific question, let us know.

Thanks for your interest! You'll hear back from us soon.

B Corp Mentor Task Force:
- Micah Mador, Foundry Group
- Anne Behlouli, The Alliance Center (Best for Colorado)
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