A Yank on the Footy Listener Survey
A quick listener survey about "A Yank on the Footy" as the show heads into it's 2nd 100 episodes.
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Why do you listen to listen to "A Yank on the Footy"?   *
How did you "find" the podcast?  
What concerns do you have about the show?  
What do you think "A Yank on the Footy" should provide, with regards to content, that isn't currently being provided?
What do things do you like about "A Yank on the Footy"?
Would you be interested in having a zoom discussion, or trading of emails/DMs/IMs, about how the podcast is going, what is working well, and how it could be improved? *
If you answered yes to the previous question, please add your email address here.  I will then reach out to you.  (Even if you answered no to the previous question, and you're not subscribed, but would like to subscribe to the show, feel free to add your email address here.)
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